Monday, 3 December 2012

Episode Seventy One - A Tale of TWO Podcasts


In This Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK, The Podcast Nobody is Listening to #NOTlistening, Adam has to make a decision. A Full 1 Hour and 15 minutes was recorded but there was a problem.........It became a drunken shambles! We couldn't allow the Listeners to experience the final 40 minutes of the recording so it left 35 minutes of Okish recording. Now, Adam called in a favour and was able to have a civilised, informative and entertaining chat with @EmiliaReid A Production Assistant in The British Film Industry and Film maker. The Two discuss working behind the scenes in the Industry, Script development and also working on your own short film.

After a Nice beginning to the Show, You are then able to hear the leftovers from the recording of Episode 71. All drunken madness, but not to the point of incoherence. Adam, Will, Ash and Marcus discuss old 80's Sitcoms, Guess a Movie year and Santa Claus with Muscles.

Trust Me this Podcast is Chalk and Cheese. A First Half of informative, laid back and soberness then moves into a second half of crazy, random, drunken rambles. It's a Tale of TWO podcasts. Enjoy

And Make sure you listen towards the end for a Special Appearance from a Podcast favourite.

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