Monday, 26 August 2013

ODDcast PODcast :
Episode 105 - Orange is the New Podcast

In Episode 105 of The ODDpod, Adam, Will and Ash return for more Movies, Comedy, Science Chat. In this Episode the Trio begin by discussing something that has been going on for a while now, BRUCE WILLIS being a grumpy old man during Interviews, Why Will see's himself as Bruce's counterpart, Science Ash discusses The Higgs Boson and attempts to enlighten Adam with what the LHC does! Be prepared for some mind bending scientific talk including a RAP! Also we discuss the beauty of Netflix and it's Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black additions. Plus much more randomness.

The ODDcast PODcast UK, The Podcast Nobody is Listening to! #NOTlistening.
Hosted by Adam @BarkerPodcasts , Will @BadgerProdder and Ash @ConfusedasFark
Your Weekly Banter Filled Podcast from the Heart of Essex.
Three Guys who attempt to put the world to rights
Contains Strong Language, Strong Opinions that may cause offence and Lots of Booze.

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